The world of "-est."


“The danger of civilization, of course, is that you will piss away your life on nonsense.” - Jim Harrison

What's better than a fast car? The fastest car.

Memorable jokes are usually the dirtiest or unseemliest.

The fiercest writers illicit the strongest reaction.

The greatest adventures begin when things go sideways in the deepest backcountry.

A great education opens doors. The greatest education gets you the keys to the building.

A crazy night out doesn't make the papers. The craziest night does.

A rare watch is something. The rarest watch is something all together.

The substantial life runs on the unyielding suffix, "-est."

This is a journal of my obsession with that superlative and pursuit of all things, "-est."

The artsiest, boldest, craziest and smartest people.

The deepest, bawdiest, and boldest writing and opinions.

The bravest and rawest experiences.

The wildest, obscurest, and classiest places.

The coolest things.

Here's to the people, places and things they'll write about long after we're dead.

“I seek the substantial in life.” - Jim Harrison