What's with Tweedest?

I like Tweed


Tweed embodies the world of "-est" in every way.

The heftiest fabric. Finest craftsmanship. Toughest history. Hardiest people. Ruggedest terrain. Finest places. Strongest whisky. Wildest food. Smartest authors. Rowdiest adventures. Classiest style.

This is the traditional, rugged, bare-knuckle world I prefer to write about. The world Tweed is woven for. A lifelong friend once said I don't fit in, or adhere to, any sort of mould, vibe, group, tribe, club, or stereotype when you put everything I think, do, or say on paper. Tweedest is my attempt to clear things up for those left scratching their heads.

So, if Tweed is my thing; might as well be the Tweedest.

The Breakdown